<![CDATA[For the Love of Brown Girls - Blog]]>Sun, 07 Feb 2016 09:47:31 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[The Best Project]]>Tue, 02 Feb 2016 05:52:56 GMThttp://lovecoloredgirls.weebly.com/blog/january-29th-2016After finishing the project I am very proud of all the hard work Imani and Joie and I put into this project. We all worked really hard putting everything we got into this. As time went on and the project started taking up more and more more time I was just waiting for the day we could finally submit this silly little project and be over with it, but now that it’s finally over I’m going to miss it. The best part was interviewing everyone and hearing how they felt and what they knew about Colorism, like myself a lot of people didn’t know this was a big problem in the black community. I knew there was a problem especially with lightskin vs darkskin but not to the point where darker skinned girls don’t feel pretty and they want to bleach their skin to be lighter. This project and the interviews opened my eyes to the truth... This is a problem and it does need to addressed and fixed. We need to come to together as a community especially at time like this (police brutality, black lives matter), instead of separating ourselves.
I know somewhere in the future I’ll come back to this website and add more blogs and new sources to keep it going and eventually use it for college assignments but for now I leave it at. This was my best project ever and I’m so proud to be part of something like this.
<![CDATA[The Ignorance:]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2016 14:14:58 GMThttp://lovecoloredgirls.weebly.com/blog/the-ignoranceIgnorance is bliss. The dark skin vs light skin epidemic as is all time high. There is a constant comparison of skin tones in the African American community. People do not realize how their comments can affect someone. Judging people based on appearance and things they cannot change is a constant reminder of how we are not moving forward as a race.

As a young African American women of a deeper skin tone, I constantly battle with the way I look on the outside. I am always have been judged by the opposite sex because my hair is not a certain length and my skin is not close to white. I have begun to notice the ignorance not only in young African American males, but also in my closest acquaintances, Black women.

I notice that their ways of thinking are extremely vulgar and limited. I feel that in many ways they are ignorant to the idea of being open and accepting others for who they are. For instance they make statements like “You look real brown today,” or statements like “No his teeth aren’t white, they only look like whiter because he’s so dark.” These observations are extremely offensive to the African African community. Young black youth are brainwashed unknowingly by the ideas and beliefs of  the equivalent of our white slave owners. There needs to be more self awareness of the racial astigmatisms place upon us by other races. What can be done? What is the reason for this ignorance?

We need to not let the influence of social media change  how we treat people of a darker skin tone. In media there are constantly lighter skinned males or females as the posterchildren for everything, not allowing children of a dark skin tone to feel noticed.

Colorism is a the constant discrimination of someone with a darker skin tone. Colorism is a reminder of how uneducated our race is. To fully understand colorism, you must understand the idea of racism. As young African Americans we are constantly forgetting the reasons why we continue these harsh ideas. We have been influenced by the ideas of slavery historic views of “The White Man” , making lighter skinned people feel that they can be more privileged. Lighter skinned females are always asked “Are you mixed” in most cases associating that with a compliment. Or in even in media saying “Light skin is the right skin,”as in a song by rapper Consequence. This generates a feeling of disadvantage for females or males with darker skin tone.

There has been several cases where people of lighter skin tones feel that their authenticity has lacked. Meaning that in the African American community we have come up with the assumption that “The darker you are the more pure you are.” Inferences that if you are light skin life if some much easier, and many more opportunities. Not to forget the feelings of lighter men. Statements like “Like skin men are soft”. Trying to paint an idea that all men of a lighter skin tone are sweet, making assumptions that men of a darker skin tone are “thug.”
<![CDATA[The History: ]]>Wed, 27 Jan 2016 14:14:10 GMThttp://lovecoloredgirls.weebly.com/blog/the-historyEverybody has a certain preferences when it comes to what they’re attracted to. Some prefer dark skin, brown skin or light skin. But it seems as though more people are attracted to lightskin women. When interviewed many young men said they like light skin females more than a darker tone female, but they don’t have reasons as to why. They answer with things like “Well that’s just what I’m attracted to.” There is always a reason why someone is attracted to what they’re attracted to. They still have a slave master mentality. Lighter is better, because it’s the closest thing to white. Especially when it’s woman you’re bashing that look just like you or your mothers and grandmothers. Walking down the street, boys will call out the light skin female. When black people were slaves they had light skin people in the house and dark skin people in the fields. We overcame slavery. Why can’t we overcome intraracial racism?

People are brainwashed. African American History is a necessity in a school's curriculum system. But what they teach us about our kind is that we were hated, beaten, and seen as animals,not human beings. They don’t teach us of all the great things we contributed to this world such as ideas, interventions and successful businesses. They don’t show in today’s news how some people in the African American community are doing very well for themselves. We don’t hear about all of the great HBCus (Historic Black College/University) that are doing better than PWI (Predominately White Institute) and are on a higher academic level than most of those institutes. Media would rather show us getting killed by cops and posting mug shots instead of family portraits. Many in society believe that African Americans are only good for selling drugs and sitting behind bars liked that’s our first home. They think that our men are woman beaters and always the reason guns go off. All of the images of our women are sexaualized. They show us pregnant with no dad for our children. They think we live off welfare and don’t try to better ourselves.

When a child is taught about every bad thing associated with the color of their skin they start to believe it and it’s extremely hard to try to change their mindset because that’s all they know. Entertainment figures are the biggest role models to young children and teenagers. They have to set examples, especially for African American woman. “Rappers are all for black pride but, when you see their music video it’s mainly light skins or foreign girls.” (Dark Documentary) When our women are in a music video they’re never the leading female, they are the girl that is in the bedroom or sitting by the pool half naked. When you look at the woman they're dating, they are also light skin or foreign girls. You can’t talk or rap about how you love black woman so much then date a female that’s not even black. That makes a darker tone female feel insecure and feel that they can’t or shouldn’t be allowed in the public eye.

I remember when there was a time when society liked a dark skin female. One with a rich smooth, radiant skin complexion. One that didn’t need light to glow. Lupita Nyong’o. People in the entertainment industry praised her for being so beautiful and having a dark skin color. They talked about her hair and said it was beautiful. Why is it that they can say she is beautiful and not the other dark skin females in the entertainment business. I’m not discrediting Lupita Nyong’o, she is an extraordinary woman, I’m exposing the media. They didn’t focus or give credit to other dark skin models, singer, and actresses. They didn’t make a platform for them to get noticed. Just because they gave exposure to one dark skin female, they still don’t appreciate the dark skin. The media still doesn’t want us to exceed.

“The darker you are it’s more of a sexual approach, more than of a marriage and love approach.” That also put an impact on our men. They would rather be with a lighter tone female and wouldn’t even know why they like her as much as they do. When we had our first black president everyone thought that he would have a lightskin wife. They said things such as “Oh, I bet he don’t have a black wife.” or “He look like the type to have a black wife,” so when we seen First lady Michelle Obama it came as a shock. It was unusual to see a dark tone female on tv, now we have one in the White House!